Digital transformation: 3 hard truths

The path to successful digital transformation is far from straightforward, especially in the age of COVID-19. Consider these three often-overlooked realities, says Intel's CIO.

Business leaders and CIOs often undertake digital transformations with finite conclusions and endpoints. As technology innovation speeds up exponentially, it’s clear that we need to reinvent our businesses continually to remain relevant and to thrive.

The C-Suite needs to foster continual digital transformation – not just with an organization’s technologies, but for its entire business. A recent KPMG study finds that more than 70 percent of CEOs say the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated their digital investments. This requires a broader perspective to reimagine customer experiences and derive value through product, service, and innovative business models.

There are many hard realities that we’ve all had to contend with when it comes to digital transformation, but here are three that are often not given enough attention:

Truth 1: You must disrupt yourself … or someone else will

Truth 2: Digital transformation isn't about an IT strategy. It's about leveraging continuously evolving technologies to change your entire business

Truth 3: Transformation requires massive shifts in culture, operations, and people – with change and culture being the toughest aspects


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