TRAINING COURSE: Acquiring 5G & IoT Services for Smart Cities & Smart Villages


The Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be regarded as the building block for next-generation Smart Cities (SC) due to its potential in exploiting sustainable information and communication technologies. Initially, the concept of SCs (urban settlements) originated from the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. However, the use of IoT can be extended to the Smart Villages (SV) in rural settlements as well, improving the lives of the communities as a whole, demonstrating that the IoT is not limited to either context or does not exclude the understanding that there exists a difference in priorities of planning these solutions on distinct levels and contexts. In the nearby future, new-generation networks such as 5G technologies will connect the world from the largest megacities to the smallest villages, and this training course will focus on the connectivity of smart cities and smart villages by using IoT and 5G services with the concern of sustainability.



Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to:

• identify different IoT concepts, main elements, trends, and the different IoT verticals related to smart cities and smart villages;

• understand concepts, goals, and frameworks related to a smart city and smart village, including key aspects and KPIs required to develop smart cities and smart villages;

• identify different IoT verticals such as smart transportation, smart building, smart water and energy, and smart healthcare for smart cities and smart villages;

• identify 5G solutions and strategies related to connections and their concerns related to smart cities and smart villages; and

• review the various case studies in the area of using emerging technologies in smart cities and smart villages. 



Governments, mobile operators, municipalities, organizations, industries, ICT experts, policymakers, regulators, service & solution providers, and academia that are involved in the Internet of Things and smart cities. 

TRAINING DATE: 7-20 November 2022

DURATION: 2 weeks 


TRAINING TYPE: Online instructor-led





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